Introducing the Improved IHI Open School Courses




If you're not seeing the interface on the right after August 14, try deleting your cache or browsing history and re-loading the page.


In the spirit of continuous improvement, the IHI Open School is launching an updated curriculum during the week of August 14. Some courses may appear "under revision" while the updates are being made.


The updates include the same foundational content you know and love, but in a more organized curriculum with a new learning system that’s easier to navigate. And don’t worry — no learning data has been lost. While some course titles have changed, courses and certificates will still be marked complete for learners who already finished.


Here are a few of the changes:


  • A sleek new interface that’s easier to navigate
  • Revised course titles and numbering system to better communicate the content and learning level
  • An improved dashboard feature to track learners' course completions (available with a paid subscription)
  • More images and videos, with YouTube videos that allow learners to watch videos at a faster speed in Google Chrome
  • Updated content with the latest thinking from IHI on the Triple Aim, leadership, and person-centered care
  • A streamlined curriculum with fewer courses in the Basic Certificate (13 instead of 16) and more advanced courses for further learning
    • The updated Basic Certificate includes these courses: QI 101-105, PS 101-105, TA 101, PFC 101, and L 101.



Your Guide to the New Curriculum


We’ve created several resources to help you navigate the changes with ease:


Course Updates Guide

Login Instructions



Course Updates Guide This two-page document recommends new courses based on the previous catalog. If you’re training staff or teaching students with the courses, this is your cheat sheet for which courses to require. Login Instructions If you're a group subscriber, use this handy instruction sheet to show participants how to log in with your group's passcode to track student and staff learning. Download and edit it to add your passcode.
Curriculum Overview Course Summary Sheets
Curriculum_overview.jpg Course_summaries.jpg
Curriculum Overview Get a high-level view of each course in the IHI Open School with this document, which gives a description, learning objectives, and faculty contributors for each course. 
Course Summaries – Take a deeper dive into the detailed content of each IHI Open School course in these two-page course summaries. If you’re wondering where specific concepts have landed in the curriculum, you can find out here.


Start the Improved Courses


You can see many of the new courses live now, while others will appear under revision during the week of August 14. Let us know what you think using the survey at the end of each course. We'd also love to hear your feedback via email at


Start the Improved Courses





Still Have Questions?


We've put together our answers to frequently asked questions, available here. They cover the following questions:

  • Why is the IHI Open School updating the curriculum and learning system?

  • What’s changing about the IHI Open School courses?

  • What’s staying the same about the IHI Open School courses?

  • I assign courses to my students/staff. How will these changes affect me?

  • Why are the course titles and numbers changing, and what do the numbers mean?

  • Will I lose any credit for the courses I’ve taken prior to the improvements?

  • What is the new reporting feature and how does it work?

  • What courses are in the updated Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety?


If we can help in any way, please fill out the form to the right to receive a call from IHI's customer service team. We'd be happy to answer your questions about the changes.

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